China is the #1 emerging market in the world. Global Trade Management can help you develop new sales opportunities through our various sales and marketing avenues. Trade revenue between the U.S. and China is around 300 billion dollars. The market is huge and growing fast, so now is the time to create a presence in China. We have the capabilities and experience to be your guide in opening new markets!

If you’re going to do international business in China now is the time. We understand entering a new market can be intimidating for any company but Global Trade Management can make it very easy for U.S. companies to enter the Chinese marketplace.

Not like the large companies have their representation in China, many middle and small size companies have not yet to do so because of the barriers encountered. Some of these barriers may come from the misunderstanding of foreign language or culture. Some other things U.S. companies could run into are different trade regulations, bureaucracy, local industry standards, contract enforcement, dispute resolution, protectionism, foreign currency control, and intellectual property rights. To avoid these problems Global Trade Management (GTM) will handle all of these issues for you. We play the ultimate middle man; once an order is procured our U.S. office will purchase the products directly from your company so you will get paid up front in U.S. dollars. We make it so it’s like you’re doing business domestically but in actuality your products will be going overseas.

To promote the middle and small sized U.S. companies to China, we’ve created the largest U.S. to China B-to-B platform in China www.e-gtm.com.cn . As an export management firm with over 10 years of experience we feel that this platform is a huge marketing tool because we are able utilize the whole country. Some manufacturer’s reps or distributors only cover parts of China. With our platform and our sales team, we are able to cover the whole country and take advantage of the growing market there. We will list your company along with product information and company history on our website to procure you inquiries and orders. Once you become a member with GTM you will be able to have access to our service which is:

Your Chinese website created, hosted, and promoted in China

  • We will translate your website content into Chinese and post it on our B-to-B platform www.e-gtm.com.cn
  • We will create a particular 6 page sub-website for you in China on www.e-gtm.com.cn and link to you website in U.S.
  • Your products will be promoted through our web on China’s largest search engines such as Google, Baidu.com, Alibaba, and other industrial search engines.
  • We may attend industry specific trade shows and fairs in China on your behalf.

Business Development and follow up

  • We will provide you with daily communication and translation services.
  • Your products will be distributed through our various sales channels that cover all of China.
  • Not only will we find the customer and provide you inquiries but we also offer a follow up service that tracks all the business that your company does with the end users in China. We also have a support staff that can answer some technical problems that may arise.
  • We will buy the products directly from your company and also handle shipping to make the process a lot easier.
  • You will get paid up front in U.S. dollars by check, credit card, or wire transfer.

Premium Service

  • We have the contacts and the presence to find Chinese manufacturing plants to manufacture your products at a lower price than you are manufacturing here in the U.S. We will not stop until we find a plant that will be able to match the capabilities you require.
  • We may apply a patent or brand on your behalf in China to protect your intellectual property.
  • We may provide the after sale service on your behalf if the sale is made by you directly. Our associates will aid in such things like installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance of your product.
  • We may provide you a consultant service including but not limited to governing laws, local trade regulations, local industry standards, foreign currency control, market research, and market analysis.