GTM Beijing and Hong Kong

Our branch in Beijing is called Beijing Envir-Tech Development Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1999. The Hong Kong branch Envir-Tech Hong Kong Limited was founded in 2003. Both of them are international trading companies who provide promotion services for our foreign clients such as CLYDE (Pumps), GRISS (Valves), ALSTOM (Diesel Engines), AREVA (Core System), VUJE (Loose Parts Monitoring System), CHECK-ALL (Valves), RF IDEAS (Reader-Writer), DCC (Welders), MIDI (Booster Pump), Air Dynamics (Dust test Chamber) etc. We have helped our clients procure orders worth over 300 million U.S. dollars.

The B2B website that we developed became the biggest website to promote USA products in China. We provide also provide online consulting, offline orders, transactions, free market, and of course promotion.