GTM will work as distributors and/or representatives of the companies in China and other countries. The products we have distributed include special metals, industrial pumps, industrial motors, customized excavator components, etc. As their U.S. distributor and representative, we provide the international and domestic services you need.

GTM can compete and offer lower prices for the products you desire.

GTM offers a one-year warranty on all purchased items.

GTM can arrange shipping to deliver your order right to your front door.

Deal directly with our branch located in New Jersey and our representatives will be able to answer and help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

GTM has several offices throughout China giving us the ability to enforce quality control procedures as well as a hands-on approach to addressing problems if they arise.

Because of our many years in business and our relationships with many Chinese manufacturers, we can easily find the best products for you.

Global Trade Management allows you to reap the benefits of cost savings, product quality and a service warranty with simple and high-efficiency trading to get your products.