Titanium Ore – Ilmenite

GTM Titanium has procured 7 concessions of land in both Chiapas and Oacaxa Mexico. Of the 7 the four concessions that are in Chiapas occupy over 210 square kilometers of estimated storage for titanium ore, worth 180 million tons. The 43-101 report of the Bambu concession has been completed, and well as all legal processes.

The minerals will first be mined from our concession in Bambu. After the mining process the minerals will then be delivered to China for refining.

The percentage of TiO2 is around 50%, below is a sample of the test report:

Element TFe mFe TiO2 MgO CaO SiO2 MnO P2O3 Al2O3 Cr2O3 V2O5 S K2O Na2O
% 29.08 4.75 50.8 2.26 0.42 3.64 0.23 0.064 2.21 0.32 0.27 0.013 0.12 0.081

After the three phases of construction are completed, we will produce around 1 million tons of titanium ore annually.