About Us

GTM Group has two main focuses: Minerals and Import/Export Management.

Since its foundation in 1999, Beijing Envir-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (BETL) has had substantial experience in providing equipment and services to industrial fields worth over 300 million U.S. dollars. With Envir-Tech Hong Kong Limited, established in 2003, more international business and financial support was provided. In 2006, GTM was established in the U.S. and one B2B website was launched in China to promote small companies in the U.S. BETL takes orders from many firms in China and GTM places these orders with U.S. manufacturers.

Our Chinese website www.e-gtm.com.cn is an active international trading platform hosted in China. We are also proud to say that it is the largest platform to host U.S. products in China.  Our site serves over 200 million Chinese business people all looking to purchase products from the United States.  Our experienced and hardworking sales team provides our clients with reliable service and promising results. We receive inquiries daily about the American-made products listed on our site.  Once we receive an inquiry, GTM will play the middle man in relaying the inquiry to the U.S. Company and relaying the offer from the U.S. Company to the Chinese buyer.

After building the business-to-business websites, GTM and BETL’s reach has expanded to more industrial fields. This site helps U.S. Company’s import and export with firms and buyers in China.

Since 2012, GTM Group began a mining business in Mexico. After over 4 years of development GTM has purchased 7 concessions in Mexico. Further activities undertaken include completion of all legal processes and the 43-101 report for the concession in Bambu. Underground mining in Bambu will begin in 2017.

A refinery will be built in China soon. The agreement with the local Chinese government has been signed last year. Most testing and research has been completed and the feasibility study report has been issued. The potential suppliers have provided their proposal and the commercial negotiation will be taken in 2016 and the contract will be signed in the second half of 2016. The first manufacturing line will be put into operation in the end of 2017 or the first half of 2018.

GTM Titanium is empowering the global change with its contributions to titanium ore, synthetic rutile, titanium sponge, and other titanium related products. Our service will allow you to receive a large return on investment in a short period of time with our low cost, no risk, and highly efficient programs.