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Synthetic Rutile

Synthetic Rutile

GTM Titanium has the ability to create a high level Synthetic Rutile. Synthetic Rutile’s end users generally use the rutile as feed stock for the production of white pigment and titanium sponges. The treatment of the mineral into rutile is done by the process called chloride acid leaching. GTM Titanium is in the process of building a treatment facility in Tsingtao China in order to serve our end users with the best possible quality of rutile.

Both High Titanium Slag and Synthetic Rutile are made from enriched Titanium dioxide, but they have different features because of the different ways they are manufactured.

High Titanium Slag is produced by the technology of carbon thermal reduction. The material will be separated by electric heating process. Ca, Mg and the other impurities remain in High Titanium Slag. Resulting High Titanium Slag cannot be the feedstock for the chloride process pigment alone; feedstock with lower impurity percentages such as synthetic rutile must be added. The High Titanium Slag with 90% TiO2 can serve as the raw material for the chloride process. High Titanium Slag with TiO2 contents less than 90% can only serve as the raw material of sulfate process.

Synthetic Rutile will be manufactured through the acid leaching process. The materials separated are the elements which easily react with the acid, including Ca, Mg, and most metal elements. This makes the synthetic rutile necessary as feedstock for chloride process pigment and titanium sponges.