Synthetic Rutile

Jiangsu Red Stone Titanium Co., Ltd. (RST) is in the process of building a treatment facility in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China in order to serve our end users with the best possible quality of rutile. Synthetic Rutile’s end users generally use the rutile as feedstock for the production of white pigment and titanium sponges.

Our manufacturing plant in Jiangsu, China will have the capacity to produce 480,000 tons of synthetic rutile per year, and will consist of eight processing lines.  Construction will be separated into three phases. Phase I will build 1 line with output of 60,000 tons of synthetic rutile per year.

This facility will use three systems in the manufacturing process:  Oxidation & Reduction, Leaching, and an Acid Regeneration Plant system, and one coal gas plant which will provide heating energy for all process needs.

Oxidation & Reduction System

The Oxidation & Reduction system roasts the minerals to complete the required forced reactions. This process changes the ilmenite structure to allow a more efficient leaching to occur.  An additional magnetic separation process is also performed to remove any additional impurities which results in a high-grade synthetic rutile.

Leaching System

The high-grade ilmenite is then sent through the leaching system where 18% w/w hydrochloric acid is used.  The fluidized bed reactor performs the leaching actions between the heated HCI and ilmenite.  The results are a synthetic rutile with over 95% TiO2 kept in solid.  Any residual FeO or other impurities will be removed in the process and become a part of the spent leaching liquor.  The liquid is then pumped to the Acid Regeneration Plant system.

Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP) System

The key equipment in the ARP system is the fluidized bed reactor.  The collected spent leaching liquor pumped to the ARP system where it is regenerated into 18% w/w hydrochloric acid, and recycled back through the leaching system.  A by-product of this process is Iron Oxide, Fe2O3 which will be separated, processed, and sold in China.