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Global Trade Management

Global Trade Management, Inc. (GTM) is a trade, promotion, and business development consulting company that was established in 2006. In 2012 GTM began a mining program in Mexico and China aiming to supply materials worldwide. As GTM’s Titanium business developed, GTM group’s business was separated into two parts. First, international trade will be covered by GTM, Beijing Envir-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (BETL) a trade company established in Beijing, China in 1999, and Envir-Tech Hong Kong Limited (ETH) which was established in Hong Kong in 2003. Second, the titanium related businesses including mining, synthetic rutile, titanium sponge and titanium products will be handled by GTM Titanium, Inc., Minerals MX S. de. RL which was established in 2012 in Mexico, GTM Dajing Titanium Co., Ltd. (currently under construction in China) and GTM Titanium Europe (to be established in 2016 or 2017.)

When GTM first started, it focused on building relationships and bridging the gap between companies in other countries in order to give them an easy and affordable way to do business and market in other countries, a practice we still do to this day.  Our contacts and experience in this field allow us to explore other avenues of business.

GTM Titanium together with GTM Mineral MX (Mexico) and GTM Dajing Titanium (China) will work as a group to focus on serving worldwide demands of Titanium and related products. The products supplied range from ilmenite, synthetic rutile, to titanium sponges, titanium dioxide and titanium metal products.

A synthetic rutile plant with a total output of 480,000 tons per year will be built in China over the next few years, and its high quality synthetic rutile will be the main feedstock of chloride process manufacturing titanium dioxide and titanium sponges, not only in China, but all over the world.

GTM is a big proponent in bridging the gap between countries in doing business. We are also involved in selling excavation equipment, aerospace material, and different types of metals all over the world.